Sherman Ewing, Owner Club Pet NYC.

I started walking dogs shortly after graduating from Columbia College because I love dogs, and thought it would be great to spend my time caring for them as a professional.

25+ years later, Club Pet NYC serves dogs and dog owners throughout Manhattan, including the Financial District, Battery Park, TriBeCa, SoHo, the West Village / NYU Area, East Village, Chelsea, Columbus Circle, Upper West Side, and Upper East Side and recently branched out into Brooklyn Heights.
I grew up with dogs and lots of other pets – cats, hamsters, uh ... a raccoon!!?

At the age of 14, my parents brought home two awesomely exuberant puppies, Oscar and Felix. Oscar and Felix were about 10 weeks old, German Shepherd / Doberman mixes and named after the Neil Simon characters (of course, Oscar was a slob and Felix was finicky and always seemed well groomed and appeared the perfect gentleman!!). My summer “chore” was to train Oscar and Felix. I showed up at Haimhausen Kennels in Hopewell New Jersey (now Markenhaus Manor), and after 8 weeks of training under the supervision of Mr Ed Hamm (who had survived the Normandy Invasion and been put on the Canine Unit following his rehabilitation), was hired as Mr Hamm’s assistant.

My responsibilities included everything from cleaning kennels to delivering food, exercising the dogs, and helping general obedience and agility training. This was my after school and summer job straight through high school and the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college. $20 a day - I had it made!! I loved it.

So, after a few summers in the corporate world during college and a wonderful few years working in the non-profit world, I decided that I would return to the best job I ever had. That is basically how Club Pet NYC started.

From the outset, my goal was (and still is) pretty simple. I wanted to provide the best care possible to the dogs I fortunate enough to work with. Required ingredients: SAFETY, fresh air, exercise, and lots of TLC. 25 years later, my dream job has turned into a wonderful small business. Those ingredient are still foundation for the entire Club Pet NYC Team.

The Club Pet Mission:
Club Pet NYC is committed to provide the very best, safest, most consistent, reliable, and loving care for our clients' beloved pets. Club Pet NYC is committed to going the extra mile. Whether you're at the office, out for the evening, or out of town, we're dedicated to ensuring you never have to worry whether your beloved dog is receiving the very finest care.
Our extraordinary team of professional dog walkers has been committed to providing exceptional care for 25 years. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!